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The Carpenter’s Workshop is a boutique interior design firm in Singapore which has been established since 1997.

The Carpenter’s Workshop design philosophy is ‘Design with U in Mind’. We believe that the design of a home should be based on the needs and lifestyle of its owners and should not be restricted by the walls in their homes. True to the company design philosophy, here at The Carpenter’s Workshop, we have a passion for remodeling & revamping living spaces. A common practice of thinking beyond the walls allows us to design and reconfigure spaces based on the owners’ needs and not be restricted by the walls in their homes.

Through the years, we have carved out a niche market which focuses on mostly old houses, old apartments, and living spaces that require total revamp and major overhaul.

Best in Residential (>100sqm) Design – Bronze Award (Kirigami House)
Best in Residential (>100sqm) Design – Honorary Award (Frame House : Shaping Memories)
Best in Residential (>100sqm) Design – Honorary Award (Redbrick House)

Bronze Award (Terrace at Clover Crescent)

Kirigami House
Frame House
Space Furniture
Frame House

Victor Ting
M.A in Interior Design (Milan)

Victor believes that good design is a marriage of form & functionality.

With the guiding principle of ‘Designing with U in mind’, the central focus of designing a space is that of having the built environment cater to the occupants.

He also places great importance on natural light and ventilation in his design as well as the use of a lot of natural materials.

When it comes to revamping older properties, he believes in retaining elements of the old and juxtaposing with new elements.

John Au  Head of Projects

With 25 years of design expertise, John is a trailblazer in interior design and architecture. Embracing the philosophy of “less is more” and the belief that “life is beautiful,” he crafts spaces that seamlessly blend minimalist elegance with functional brilliance.

As a genuine coffee enthusiast, John not only practices design but also draws inspiration from each project undertaken with sincerity.

His dedication to client satisfaction is encapsulated in the modest mantra, “Happy customer, happy John,” forming the foundation of his career.

Beyond professional milestones, John advocates for the beauty in everyday moments. Capturing life through his lens, he believes that “a photo a day keeps John alive.” His journey stands as a testament to the power of passion and simplicity in design.

Ewarth Santos  Senior Designer

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and 20 years of design expertise, Ewarth’s design journey is guided by the philosophy of letting the work speak for itself.

Prioritizing simplicity, functionality, and the seamless integration of form and purpose, each project reflects a captivating aesthetic aligned with practicality.

Fueled by a passion for art and sketches, Ewarth employs 3D models and renderings to enhance creativity and facilitate client understanding.

In summary, Ewarth combines a strong educational foundation with a decade-long commitment to achieving design excellence through the harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

SingEr Fang  Senior Designer

With over a decade of expertise in the field, SingEr holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture with honors from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

A passionate advocate of the belief that well-designed spaces bring happiness, she is driven by a commitment to design with individuals in mind.

An avid traveler and photographer, she draws inspiration from diverse cultures, translating this into her design philosophy of capturing and amplifying happy moments.

“A home is more than a structure; it’s a unique and evolving canvas that reflects the joy, comfort, and individuality of its residents.”