477 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427683

This penthouse is home to a family of three, who prioritizes gatherings and storage for their frequent travels.
Upon entry, the dining area takes center stage, enveloped in rich dark wood finishes and flanked by a relocated dry kitchen and the living room. This contrast draws the eye and fosters a sense of togetherness, extending upward to the double-volume living room ceiling. Chamfered frames with mirrored inserts add dynamism, elevating the atmosphere and encouraging conversation.
Considering guest convenience, a powder room was thoughtfully positioned next to the dry kitchen. Mirrored doors open to reveal a Falper washbasin, chosen for its captivating design, enhancing the guest experience.
A discreetly tucked storage room behind the television optimizes the generous ceiling height with a recess beneath the TV, ingeniously accommodating the homeowners’ audio system while serving as a sleek console that minimizes visual distractions.
Cove-lights were deliberately selected to cast a gentle glow upon the vibrant exchanges within the living room. In a departure from the conventional chandelier, they leave the limelight to sunsets and the urban landscape. Without distracting conversations, the warm light blends into the space, embracing its occupants.
The second level common area was transformed into a study. The original glass railings, dissonant to the emerging aesthetic, were replaced with full-length cabinets, offering both storage and a clean facade. Chamfered windows carved into the cabinets provide cohesion, airflow, and glimpses of scenery, offering moments of respite for tired eyes.
In the master bedroom, full-height cabinets line the walls, creating a serene consistency. A central headboard positions the bed as a private oasis within the larger space. A floor-to-ceiling mirror conceals electricals, the intersecting lines creating a subtle visual dance.
Throughout the penthouse, a recurring theme of wood accents and black and gray hues exudes understated elegance, without approaching opulence.