477 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427683

This project transforms a 1960s semi-detached house into a haven for a young family of four, with a profound emphasis on enhancing their daily life experiences. The primary objective was to craft a versatile space that could seamlessly accommodate cooking, work, homeschooling, socializing, and leisure—a space truly meant for living.
In alignment with the family’s appreciation for modernist architecture, a design ethos emphasizing minimalism in both form and material palette was meticulously curated. As one steps inside, an enchanting teak wood ceiling gracefully unfolds, forming a harmonious juxtaposition with the pristine white walls and elegant Volakas marble flooring. This aesthetic contrast serves as an invitation, guiding both the gaze and the soul deeper into the dwelling.
Within this residence, innovation extends beyond aesthetics. The staircase wall was gracefully replaced with metal infills, transforming a once-divisive element into a continuous canvas, permitting the seamless flow of light and air throughout the home.
An extension emerged at the rear and side of the house, housing the dining room and wet kitchen. Conceptually christened ‘glass houses,’ these extensions blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, seamlessly integrating the natural world into the family’s daily life. Furnished with exquisite modern oriental dining furniture sourced from Lema, the dining area defines the heart of the home—encouraging unity and interaction, echoing the family’s deep-rooted Chinese tradition of closeness.
Expansive sliding doors and windows usher in daylight and fresh air, ensuring cross-ventilation that enhances the family’s well-being by fostering a connection with nature. The extensions also offer a tranquil sanctuary for the adults to observe the garden activities of their homeschooled children.
Every aspect of this design was orchestrated to foster communication, as spaces seamlessly intertwine, forging numerous internal and external sightlines. This intrinsic design feature serves as the cornerstone of family harmony.