Jalan Pemimpin


This semi-detached house is located at Bishan locality. This two-storey house sits on sloping plot of land.  The owners wanted to increase its floor space and also to put a lift into the house for ease of movement as they wanted to add an attic and also to extend the house backward. As such, we performed Addition and Alteration (A&A) on the house to increase its space.

The extension towards the back of the house allows us to construct a gym area and a study at the basement. While on the ground floor, we are able to add a wet kitchen and powder room. As for the second storey, we have two en-suite bathrooms for the 2 common bedrooms. The attic provided the owners with 2 extra rooms, a family hall and a roof terrace. As the house is situated on an elevated land, the open terrace is able to have unobstructed view of the estate.

As the back of the house is facing the west sun, in order to screen off the heat and at the same time provide sufficient ventilation, we established green walls at the back and the side of the house.