Clover Crescent


One of our Alterations & Additions (A & A) projects is this inter-terrace house that is located near Bishan Central. The owners wanted to extend the floor area of the house and to have space to display his hobby equipment.

Through an extension at the rear part of this 40 year old house and an addition of an attic, the original built in space was increased. The spacious new attic with an adjoining roof terrace that faces the park serves as a tranquil family activity area. Keeping in mind the common issue of the lack of light and airflow for many inter-terraces in Singapore, a double volume ceiling was created for this house. The low window at the façade provides ventilation while not compromising on the owners’ privacy. We constructed a see-through staircase that allows light to fill in the house. We also opened up two glass slits on the ceiling and an air well near the back of the house for sunlight to flood in.

We extended the house backwards, which then open up more space for the kitchen, maid’s room and powder room. The wall of the maid’s room was designed with airways, allowing air to flow through without being able to see through from the outside.

On the second floor, we enclosed the original balcony to make more room for the study and to construct a small reading space beside. We also build a bridge to connect the staircase to the study at the front. At the centre of the house, we relocated the staircase to the side and removed two of the original rooms to make space for the double volume ceiling in the living room and add a new dimension to the living space. At the same time, a new room was created at the area where the original staircase used to stand.

Award Winning Interior Design Singapore:

Interior Design Confederation Singapore for Design Excellence Awards 2013/2014