477 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427683

Nestled in the eastern part of Singapore, this Barrack House from the 1930s underwent a remarkable transformation. The owner’s vision was to preserve the old-world charm while seamlessly blending it with modern elements.

Respecting the house’s storied history, the unique façade was meticulously preserved, evoking nostalgia while introducing a fresh and contemporary perspective. To accommodate the owner’s need for more space, an attic and additional rooms were added.

Stepping inside the house, one enters a realm that beautifully contrasts with the nostalgic façade. A central airwell, adorned with a lush greenwall beside the living room, serves as the heart of the home. It welcomes natural light and breezes, creating a serene connection with nature while meeting the occupants’ needs. It’s a place where history and modernity harmoniously coexist.

An elegant floating staircase, accompanied by twisted flat bar railings that span from roof to ground floor, adds a sense of grace and fluidity, resembling cascading ribbons throughout the house.

The house is intelligently divided into front and back sections, connected by a staircase and an open-air greenwall. This division creates distinct zones, each serving a specific purpose. The communal spaces at the back, including the living, dining, and kitchen areas, foster social interaction and bonding among family and friends. Half-level differences ingeniously facilitate movement during gatherings.

The deliberate choice to retain and restore the original doors and repurpose wood for the living area’s ceiling adds a rustic touch, further enhancing the house’s character.

The Barrack House is a testament to how interior design transcends aesthetics to become a living narrative, bridging the past with the present. It’s a heartfelt transformation that breathes new life into history.